Geyser blankets

Geyser blankets cover the cylindrical metal housing, increasing the resistance to heat lost of the heated water in the geyser. 

Does it work? 

Yes, it does. On average the geyser represents between 25% and 40% of the total amount of your electricity bill. 

Use east Coast Insulations to use the best insulation materials to achieve substantial savings on the electricity used to heat the geyser. The longer the water remains above the selected temperature, the less amount of electricity is used.

The external insulation wrapped around the geyser will reduce the number of times the geyser will switch on to heat the water.


Insulating the geyser against normal heat loss through the steel casing, the geyser blanket keeps your hot water hot for longer the geyser won’t switch on as often, saving you energy and money

An electrical hot water geyser is in a very basic description, is a metal tank with a water inlet and outlet, surrounded by insulation materials, covered with a metal covering. Allowing in cold water, to replace the hot water as it is drawn from the cylinder. A switch ( Thermostat ) will switch on the electrical element to heat the cold water until it reaches the required temperature and keep at a constant temperature.

 The geyser functions, by using electricity to heat the water inside the metal housing, to the setting temperature of the thermostat, once the desired temperature is achieved the thermostat switches off. 

As the heat from the water dissipates through internal insulation and the metal housing, the thermostat then switches the element back on to reheat the water.

This cycle can happen between 15 to 30 times per day, depending on the location of the geyser and the temperature selected. The cooler the location and the hotter the temperature will mean more electricity will be used as it will switch on and off more often.

Cold water is normally around 15 degrees, and the desired temperature is 60 degrees,

A 150 ltr electrical hot water geyser will use 8kWh electricity to heat the cold water to 60 degrees or whichever setting you have. The time it takes to heat the water of a 150-litre geyser by 45 degrees is 2hours 40 mins.

The heat in the water rises through the water in the geyser, the lower section will cool, and the thermostat will switch on the element to heat, approximately one third of the geyser (50 Ltr).

To heat the cool lower section of a 150-litre, 2.66 kWh will be used each time it switches on. If it switches on 15 times per day 39.9kWh or 30 times 75 kWh per day will be used, depending on location and temperature settings.

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