CEILING vacuuming

Having the ceiling area cleaned or vacuumed, is often requested from our clients, the reasons range from just having it done to heath issues from family members, or have it cleaned before insulating the home with insulation of their choice.


We provide a professional service to clean the ceiling (attic) space, removing all the debris and other foreign objects that is often left lying around from the builders, service agents or previous owners.

On occasions the existing insulation needs to be removed from instances of water damage or that the insulation has lost its loft due to damp and dust, we remove the materials, sweep, and vacuum the ceiling  and arrange for the dumping.

ECI is aware that the homes we enter are the pride of the homeowners, we collect all the sweepings and vacuum finding into plastic bags before removal from the ceiling ensuring no dust or dirt is trapsed though the home.

Our installers are trained to keep an eye out for any problems that is visually seen, that of wood borer, rats and other rodents, wood rot, water leaks from the roof , geyser and pipes, electrical wiring. If problems are found, we will advise of the finding and offer advise if requested.

Some of the incredible products we use: