To insulate your home use a professional insulation installer, using approved thermal insulation products, correctly installed for the maximum effect in summer and winter.

Insulating your home or place of work, with a recognized brand of thermal insulation material to ensure quality and peace of mind, having it professionally installed will improve the environment of the living and workplace. 

The benefit of insulating your home improves the living conditions, reducing the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

East Coast Insulations has the expertise and experience to provide the best insulation solution for your application, using industry approved insulation materials which meet with the South African building regulations SANS 10400. 

We will provide a comprehensive inspection of the ceiling or attic before installation, a 52-point check for faults, a report of the findings will be provided and offer solutions if required.

An Installers certificate will be issued once the installation has been completed with approved insulation materials according to the regulations of the building code SANS 10400.

The thermal insulation materials used are approved, and tested by the various regulatory bodies, SABS and TIPSASA Thermal Insulation Products and Systems Association, the client can be assured that the correct quality of insulation materials is used during the installation.

Insulation of homes and places of employment is cost effective, requires no maintenance and constantly providing comfort in the living areas and workspaces.

Correctly installed insulation is cost effective as it reduces the electrical costs for heating and cooling of the home and workspaces during the different seasons.