Why would it be necessary to ventilate a building be it the home or place of work. 

“Do Whirlybirds Work?” The answer is yes

There would be many reasons for ventilation. In the workplace it would be mainly to vent or exhaust gas or hot air, if it was an office space then depending on the number of persons, the air must cycle fresh air in and the old out.

East Coast Insulations recommends the use of specially design whirlybirds with the installation of thermal insulation for extremely hot roofs.

East Coast Insulations specialises in the removal of hot air trapped inside buildings, offices, schools, ablution facilities, workshops and homes. We will advise on the type and the location of the installation. East Coast Insulations will position the systems in a location of the roof that is least likely to be an eye sore and have the maximum effect.

The biggest resistance of installing a ventilation system on a home roof, is that they can have an industrial look about them, which can be unsightly. There are however options, the designs today allow for highly efficient design and low-profile whirlybird, which is colour coded to match the roofing easy to instal and don’t have an industrial look to them.

Ventilation systems can be categorized as one of four types: exhaust, supply, balanced, and heat-recovery. The right ventilation system for a particular house depends upon the climate and the needs of the structure

Ventilating or ventilation, is the process of exchanging or replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality which involves temperature control, oxygen replenishment, and removal of moisture, odours, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Ventilation removes unpleasant smells and excessive moisture, introduces outside air, keeps interior building air circulating, and prevents stagnation of the interior air. Methods for ventilating a building are divided into mechanical/forced and natural type

“Do Whirlybirds Work?” The answer is yes, Whirlybirds work to extract hot air from roof spaces, efficiently ventilation the space below. A building’s or house’s roof works as a heat trap. By sucking out the hot air, whirlybirds effectively eliminate the heat that builds up in rooms.

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