ThermocousTex® Fibre: A  thermally bonded polyester based insulating and acoustic blanket (24 to 50kg/m³ density), plain or foil faced, used over or between purlins within ceiling voids, as cladding or in cavity walls.

Description: A thermally bonded polyester blanket, faced with an acoustically permeable black woven glass cloth, manufactured using recycled polyester (PET Coke bottles etc.) ideal for both thermal and acoustic insulation.


  • Specifically designed as an interior insulation material for sheet metal ducts used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning. Provides an optimum combination of efficient sound absorption, low thermal conductivity and minimal airstream surface friction.

  • Prevents condensation on cold metal duct surfaces extending the life of the system.

  • Non-itch, non-allergenic properties allow easy installation within tight working spaces, with no requirement for protective clothing.

Available Sizes
25mm or 50mm Thick • 24kg/m3
• Rollsize – 1.2mx10m

• 1.2m wide with 35mm overlap of the acoustic liner on both sides for effective sealing

Accredited – Isotherm is manufactured to standards of quality such as ISO9001:2008. In addition the product is Agrément certified, as well as listed with qualitative industry associations such as TIPSASA.